Martijn in 't Veld
a small life

February 11 – March 5, 2017

Opening: Saturday, February 11, 18h – 21h

Finissage: Sunday, March 5

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Past Exhibitions

Cornelia Baltes, Maarten Van Roy, Marlon Wobst: WILHELM SCREAMS
Nov 5 – Nov 27, 2016

Juliana Cerqueira Leite & Zoë Claire Miller: MANUAL OVERRIDE
Sep 12 – Oct 1, 2016

Jonah Fernandez Olson: Hediondilla
Jul 09 – Jul 24, 2016

Peter Schloss: equilibrium states
Jan 30 – Feb 21, 2016

Tim Stapel: Titel und Legende
Nov 14 – Dec 4, 2015

Joe Clark: what magic
Sept 12 – Sept 27, 2015

About the landing strip

the landing strip is a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art founded in 2015.

We feature solo- and group shows as well as projects with external curators and whatever else we want to.

If you have questions or are interested to collaborate with the landing strip, feel free to contact us.


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